3 Things to Remember in 2019

Hello beautiful

When I started the erin diaries I had every intention to have weekly blog posts for you all to read and enjoy. And while that is still my goal, we are going through this thing called life and it gets a bit crazy from time to time, so, yes, I’ve been slack but I can promise you all that I AM BACK! (haha, how was that unintentional rhyme) As the end of 2018 is drawing nearer, I thought I would write a blog post to all my beautiful readers and give you all a little encouragement for 2019.

Congratulations, beautiful! You have made it through another year and you are stronger than ever. You have made it through heartbreaks, tears, and triumphs. This year was full of changes, many good and some bad. The best thing about it, was that with everything thrown at you, you took it and ran and kept running until you came to an end with it. You grew and learned, and have every right to be proud of yourself, because honestly, I am so incredibly proud of you.

But as this year is coming to a close many of you are starting to feel that 2019 can’t come any sooner. Just like this past year, you may go through a whole roller coaster of emotions in 2019, (and we all know that you don’t really like roller coasters), but you will come out of all of them, stronger and bolder than before, that I can promise you. But, beautiful, there are 3 things I feel you should remember for 2019 with 2018 coming to an end soon.

  1. Remember to always love yourself.

 You are strong, beautiful, caring, sweet, creative, intelligent, and so much more. Everyone who truly knows you, knows all these things, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You love everyone so much, and everyone loves you, and it is time to show yourself the same love you so genuinely show to others. Life will be a hundred thousand times better, when you spend it loving and not picking yourself apart.

  1. I want you to take every chance you get knocking at your door, or better yet, make those chances happen. 

Please have the courage to take that leap of faith, whether it be for something small or gigantic. You never know, when life will come to an end, or when you will revisit the same memories or places again, so if you see a chance, TAKE IT.

  1. want you to remember that putting yourself first, and talking about yourself is OKAY.

 It is okay to take care of yourself, and to get rid of all the negative people surrounding you. I hope you find the wisdom and courage to accept, that not everyone you love is necessarily good for you. I hope that you find it in yourself to do what’s best for you, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

I know this past year has brought you through some of your highest and lowest points, but you made it. You came out of this stronger, and I know you can do the same thing in this next year. Think of your life as a work of art, the world is your canvas; make it even more beautiful than it already is.

All my love,

Erin xoxo

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